Modern Horrors: The Dangers of the Industrial Food System

Ground Beef

Stephanie Smith was forcefully put into a coma after she reacted violently with convulsions to a hamburger she ate at her mother’s house. The culprit: the dubious origin of the ground beef. The hamburger meat came from food producer Cargill. An estimated 940 people were sickened with E. Coli from the same meat that caused Smith’s eventual paralysis. Although this case is a rare occurrence among people who get E. Coli from eating meat, it raises the question about the safety of eating meat in the modern industrial setting.

It might be a surprise for some to realize ground beef is not the simple patty it seems. It is usually made up of different parts of the cow and comes from different slaughterhouses, some at an international level. Stemming from this globalized method of producing food greatly reduces the possibility of enforcing sanitary and health measures. The New York Times tracked down the anatomy of Smith’s hamburger in a multimedia graphic.


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